Why Do People Get Testosterone Pellets?

Pellets are catching on like crazy! If you are wondering why, I’m going to go over the benefits of this particular delivery method. Pellets have been around since 1917 with the first FDA approved pellet in 1972. People love their pellets and boy, can they tell when they start to wear off!

There are many ways to replace bio-identical hormones: creams, troches, pills, patches, injections, gels and pellets. Pellets offer benefits that the others do not.( Amazing Medical Benefits of Pellets for Men + Women ) The hormones that can be delivered by pellet include testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Even though progesterone and DHEA are available by pellet, they are rarely delivered this way. Both men and women benefit from pellet therapy.

Substances that are absorbed from your intestines are delivered to the liver for processing prior to getting into the blood flow for your whole system. This is called first pass metabolism. Testosterone and estrogen should not be taken by mouth (either troches or pills), because you want to bypass first-pass metabolism. It’s better to deliver these two straight into the body’s blood stream instead of from the intestines. Troches allow for absorption across the lining of your cheek, but there is also some dissolved in your saliva which is swallowed and goes to the intestines resulting in a mix of delivery. Estrogen and testosterone are too hard on the liver which causes inflammation and the liver enzymes to go up. Pellets deliver the hormones into the body’s blood stream.

Another benefit from pellets is lack of transference. It is possible to transfer hormone to other people through body contact if hormones are delivered transdermally (lotion, cream, gel). If you gave someone a hug, they could pick up hormone onto their skin. This could involve spouses, kids, grandkids, friends, co-workers, and pets even. With pellets, that’s never a concern.

Our clients really enjoy the nice consistent, stable hormone levels they receive from their pellets. It’s a nice even distribution from the pellet without the ups and downs of daily application from other methods. However, if the body heat or blood flow go up, like in exercise, then more hormone will come off the pellet. On the flip side, we don’t need as much hormone when we are sleeping which is also when our body temp and blood flow are lower.

The thing people really love about pellets is the convenience. We place our pellets every 3 months, so there’s no daily hassle. Some people have a hard time remembering to apply or inject their hormones. Life is so busy that it can be hard to remember one more thing. It’s a disruption of a daily schedule when you are just trying to get out the door. With pellets, you pop into our office once every 3 months and then, you’re back out onto the road. It’s a quick, easy 10 minute procedure and you’re good to go. Once people start their pellets, they won’t give them up, because they feel so much better on them!

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