As we move forward into the new year, please plan on 2 visits a year with Dr. Harrison to remain current with your prescriptions. When Dr. Harrison reviews labs, there is a lot of information she wants to go over. As a result, we have broken it up into two appointments a year. Scheduling will look like this:

Annual Visit (once a year) – 60 minutes with Dr. Harrison @ $495. If you are a BHRT client, your saliva report will be reviewed at this visit. If you need dosing changes with your hormones, adjustments will be made. Prescriptions for progesterone/DHEA will be reviewed, and changes made if necessary. You will have the opportunity to review and update your medical history i.e., past illnesses, surgeries, upcoming procedures, additional health issues or concerns, ask questions about specialized testing or enhanced pharmaceutical care like peptide therapy or IV nutrition. This is a focused visit. If you find that you have additional questions, please schedule an additional 30 min follow up appointment with Dr. Harrison.

If you are a Wellness or Peptide client, we will conduct a detailed review of your most recent bloodwork at your annual visit and discuss diet, supplements, and/or additional nutritional testing. We will renew your peptide prescriptions for 6 months.

Follow Up (6 months after your annual (or first) visit) – 30 minutes with Dr. Harrison @ $295. Wellness/Peptide and BHRT clients will review new bloodwork at your follow up visit, discuss nutrition, supplements, additional testing that may be wanted or needed, review your prescriptions, and renew them for another 6 months.

Additional follow up appointments can be scheduled at any time, as needed.

Also, be on the lookout for an email from Dr. Harrison soon!!!  If you have any questions, please email us at


Incredible Health Staff