It was excellent. I enjoyed Dr. Harrison and her information very much. Many thanks.

Jeff G.

Dr. Harrison puts you at ease and really makes you feel important and her only focus. She is thorough in her evaluation of lab results and explains everything clearly. I feel I am being treated as if she was treating her own family member. Amy, her assistant at the front desk, is very responsive and helped explain process of testing, etc. Her follow up to any of my calls was almost immediate…A “dynamic duo” they are!!!

Pam M.

Dr. Harrison continues to grow her practice by offering new options for wellness. Thanks!

Donald K.

Dr Harrison listens to your questions & concerns about how your hormone replacement works, then explains how it works in your terms so you understand. She offers options to treat symptoms while getting your hormon levels to where they are supposed to be. I have been very glad I switch to Incredible Health!

Kathy H.

Great place to make a life change and get healthier!

Roberto C.

I have been seeing Dr Harrison for over 2 years now! She is amazing, extremely knowledgeable, and she has mad skills! I trust her explicitly with my health and bio identical hormones. I was diagnosed with breast cancer going on 17 years ago. I really appreciated being alive but the side effects were horrific! I saw multiple physicians, MDs, gynecologists, naturopathic physician, multiple types of alternative treatments as well. My oncologist was totally against any type of hormone therapy. However my quality of life was below par. The side effects from Chemo therapy caused multiple problems and symptoms….low energy, low libido, Bone loss, decreased immune system, weight gain, sleep disturbances. I didn’t feel the same at all! Thankfully after years of searching, multiple providers and research. I’m back and ecstatic with how I feel. I have had some hard times as well recently and she has gone above and beyond to help me! Many of my family and friends see her as well! So don’t hesitate you won’t be disappointed, she’s fantastic!

Rosie L.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Harrison and Heather at Incredible Health. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and compassionate physician. Dr Harrison listens to your needs with her full attention and strives to provide you with her expertise and support. If you are looking to improve your vitality & health look no further. All of the services provided at Incredible Health compliment total body and mind health. I’m so pleased with the care I received here for treatment resistant depression & feel much better from a series of 6 ketamine infusions. My life & outlook have significantly improved for the better, all thanks to the team at Incredible Health!

This practice has compassion and want to help you heal. I am a RN and work in a hospital with many doctors and health care staff not always do you see as much compassion and dedication as I have seen at this particular practice.

Cheryl M.

I am a 18 year breast cancer survivor, medical professional of 37 years and I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr.Harrison for many of those years. As a result of my chemotherapy treatment I experienced menopause with very extreme symptoms!! I have tried and researched many options over all those years traditional, holistic…….. Dr.Harrison’s knowledge in this area is exceptional, For the first time in 18 years I feel AMAZING, like my body is final normal a gain!!!

Rosemary L.

28 pound weight loss! I recommend them for hormone replacement and weight loss!

Roberto H.

I’ve been working with Dr. Harrison for several months and she has helped me so much with my health challenges. I tried someone before for the same issues but this time I got the results I was looking for. I especially appreciate her commitment to helping you feel your best. She goes above and beyond. Thank you.

Linda L.

I had the most positive experience working with Heather (Incredible Health)! It was extremely helpful having the system and support I needed to accomplish my weight loss goal (30 lbs). I was never hungry or bored with Heather helping me along the way, thanks Incredible Health for helping me reach my goals and change my eating habits for good.Its a positive journey!Steve

Steve D.

Dr. Harrison is extremely knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful in managing my symptoms and improving my quality of life. She is patient and explains everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to see if they are optimally healthy. My primary care doctor treats symptoms, Dr. Harrison finds out what exactly may be causing the symptoms through an EXTREMELY thorough blood/saliva test and analyzes and adjusts hormones, and strategic vitamin/mineral supplementation tailors them just for you. You can’t ask for more than that. I lost weight and belly fat. I feel 100% better and years younger!

Shannon W.

I have been amazed about the amount of knowledge Dr. Harrison has shown. With a few small but important changes in my lifestyle and nutrition, I feel great.

Roberto H.

Dr. Harrison had suggestions for me that I hadn’t considered before. After just a few visits I’m feeling better than ever. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in looking to improve their overall health. Jessica

Jessica M.

Heather gave a very informative speech today! She really knows her stuff.

Scott H.

The work they are doing here is truly revolutionary. I absolutely love what Incredible Health is delivering to patients!

Jason P.

Incredible Health is an amazing way to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Heather Harrison is a caring and knowledgeable professional that will help you attain your goals. She knows exactly how to keep you motivated and her energy is truly infectious. Not to mention the fact that she leads by example!!! If you’re looking for a healthy change in your lifestyle, Incredible Health should be your first stop!

Tamarin E.

I would recommend incredible health to anyone who is wanting to have better/healthy life style. Heather is very knowledgeable, professional, personable, and energetic. Also, she is very passionate about what she does, which is something I look for in every professional i seek help from. She will approach every situation and case as that is the only thing on her mind. She is determined to guide and help you until you’re satisfied with the result. Also she will push you to be the very best and healthy you. If you had the pleasure working with her, you’ll definitely agree with me.

Hayeon Kim W.

Heather at Incredible Health is a Force for GOOD! She is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about her clients. She is an extremely important team member for those who are serious about taking control of their health and fitness.

Cristine L.

Heather Harrison at Incredible Health LLC is a burst of energy and motivation. She has extensive knowledge in health and fitness and has been able to use it to improve others health. She’s truly great to work with!

Atim E.

This is s wonderful clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Toni and Heather. They are full of knowledge to help you.

Estela De Arcos H.

Very knowledgeable, excellent staff, would definitely recommend. As a practitioner in the same field I highly suggest seeing them.

Kristien B.

Dr Harrison is very knowledgeable. I appreciate her looking at other factors that most normal physicians do not address. I am now on a path to total health with preventive measures as well. Thank you.

Marti W.

Amazing bedside manner. Dr. Harrison clearly genuinely cares about her patients, is knowledgeable, compassionate and authentic. She truly demonstrates the unique ability to alleviate the anxiety often associated with medical procedures; the care she takes in answering questions, getting to know her patient, and her obvious dedication to patient care and optimal outcomes is amazing. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Harrison if you are looking for a health specialist who desires the optimal outcome. Craig Westley


I could not have been more impressed with my visit with Dr Harrison. I went for my own health and also had an appointment for my mom and her concerns with her health. Dr Harrison went above and beyond to not only answer our questions, but to show the research behind it and provide resources for us to read after we left. She was so patient and listened to all of our concerns. She was kind, compassionate, prepared and thorough. We are so thankful for our appointments and excited to start on her recommendations. Thank you Dr Harrison!

Michelle D.

Starting with Amy, she went over and above to schedule me with Dr. Harrison. She is so friendly and caring which is unusual for most doctor offices. My first meeting with Dr. Harrison was very educational and helpful. We went over my issues, she reviewed all my prior tests and came up with a plan. Dr. Harrison brings her medical experience combined with the functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of the issue. I am encouraged that we will figure this out and I look forward to working with both Amy and Dr. Harrison to get to the root cause of my auto immune condition. I’m grateful I found them!

Vicky E.

I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Harrison. She was very thorough and understood the issues I was experiencing. I feel I have a path forward to a healthier life and look forward to working with her on this journey. I have seen many doctors who did not understand my issues or how to address them, Dr. Harrison does and I am very thankful for that.

Alexis M.

I love going to this office. Dr.Harrison, Heather and Amy are amazing. Finally regulated my hashimotos issue after 7 yrs of going to other Dr. I now go for my hormone replacement, B12 , vitamin D3, They did a vitamin deficiency test that was amazing. All im saying is tou wont regret making an appt. Im sending my husband next. Thank you all, Anne

Anne L.

Dr. Harrison (and all of the staff at Incredible Health) takes great care with patients. She listened to me, was kind, and took the time to investigate (step-by-step) the underlying issues that may have caused my fibromyalgia. In just six months, I regained my energy, my hair grew back, my pain was significantly diminished, and I felt well again. We are still working on my sleep and allergy issues, but I am staying the course she’s recommended, and hoping to repair my body completely with her help. Thank you so much! You’ve done for me what conventional doctors could not.

Carol S.

My experience was very good. We are in the process of establishing a Plan of Care.

Christine P.

Dr Toni and team are exemplary! In depth knowledge and great care given to client/patients. I highly recommend this team to anyone struggling with weight, hormones and any other related issues.

Kathy W.