Sermorelin Acetate- The Miracle You Have Been Waiting For

Sermorelin Acetate- The Miracle You Have Been Waiting For

People are always looking for the next best thing in anti-aging and will try anything from expensive creams to outlandish medical procedures that can sometimes have horrific side effects. The hot item that everyone is trying to get their hands on now-a-days for anti-aging is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Our society is on a HGH craze because research has shown that as one gets older, their HGH levels decrease, leading to aging side effects like wrinkles, low energy, decreased sex drive and muscle mass.

People will search endlessly on the internet to find HGH or travel far and wide to a doctor that will actually prescribe it to them. Even if you are able to find it, there is still one major problem, it is very expensive. An average month of HGH is around $1,000 and not only is it expensive but can also have harmful side effects that are not really talked about. What if I told you that there is an anti-aging secret that is way cheaper than HGH, legal to be prescribed by doctors, and has little to no side effects?

Want to know the Secret?

Sermorelin Acetate is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and release HGH. Sermorelin Acetate mimics the effects of HGH, but tells the pituitary gland in the body to produce HGH naturally. This means that Sermorelin will have similar effects of HGH, but without the side effects and cost. Sermorelin can be used in conjunction with GHRP-2 and/or GHRP-6, which we will be going into more detail later in the blog. These are forms of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides that make the Sermorelin Acetate more effective.

Is Sermorelin the same as Growth Hormone?

Not quite, one is a secretagogue -something that stimulates something else- and one is not. Sermorelin is a biologically engineered version of a highly important hormone found in the human body that is responsible for ultimately stimulating muscle and skeletal growth stimulation via IGF-1 – the secretagogue Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) is at the stream source or fountain head for the whole cascade that first causes HGH to be released and then IGF-1. The naturally occurring Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone is manufactured in the brain’s hypothalamus, a sort of command center, that then sends signals to the pituitary gland as a secretagogue, which regulates how much of the growth hormone the pituitary gland should release. Somatostatins have the capacity to tell the pituitary gland to shut off HGH production. Temporarily inhibiting it.

GHRH does not always work as it should (because it is not being released enough, or the destination pituitary gland has problems) and in many cases the signal to the pituitary gland doesn’t get sent, gets sent but is not read, or the pituitary gland doesn’t function properly when it receives the signal to release HGH for one reason or another. Once this mechanism starts to malfunction it causes people to age at an accelerated rate (the diagnosis being hypopituitarism, somatopause, AGHD – adult growth hormone deficiency). Treating the problem with a scheduled regimen of Sermorelin injections will provide anti-aging effects to give the appearance of slowing down or reversing the process, leaving the patient with a rejuvenated and fresher appearance.

Picture Yourself having more energy, looking vibrant, and feeling like you are in your 20s again!

Those are just the beginning of the Amazing Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate.

Clients that use Sermorelin Acetate can expect any or all of the following:

  • Strengthen the Cardiovascular System
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Improve Ability to Burn Fat
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Improve Recovery and Repair from Injuries
  • Regenerate Nerve Tissues
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Improve Cognition and Memory
  • Improve Bone and Mineral Density
  • Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Improve Quality of Sleep

One of the first common questions people ask about Sermorelin Acetate is, how long till you see results? You should give yourself 90 to 180 days of the Sermorelin Acetate protocol to get the maximum benefits and results After six months you should have seen or felt mostly all the listed benefits from above. Anything less than 90 days is really hard to give an accurate assessment of its effectiveness and positive results or benefits.

After three months, one should really see a noticeable difference in their appearance and a dramatic difference in how one feels. From my own experience and numerous client testimonials, the results are as followed. The first week of your Sermorelin protocol you should notice an increased quality of sleep. You will wake up feeling well rested, will not have that afternoon crash, and stop waking up during the middle of the night. Having the best sleep of your life every night is one benefit clients don’t want to give up again because everyone knows just how important sleep is. The next benefits that one will notice comes at about two weeks, and that is quicker recovery from workouts. Clients state that they feel less sore the next day and can extend their workouts in the gym for a much longer amount of time because they are less sore and have more energy.

The benefits that individuals see around a month after first using Sermorelin are my personal favorites: less fatigue and mental clarity. Clients state that they feel more focused, have less brain fog, and have a sharper mind for work and intellectual conversations. From my own personal experience, I felt more alert, focused, and would never forget my train of thought. It felt as if I was always living in the moment and had the energy to live in that moment for the entire day. The last couple of benefits are noticed in month 2 and 3. During these months you will notice you are getting leaner by the day and have improved the muscle mass on your body, greatly.

You will be stronger in the weight room and have more cardiovascular endurance for physical activities. The next benefit you will notice will be when you look in the mirror. You will see that your skin tone and elasticity has improved, making you appear younger and healthier. These benefits that I have listed above will continue to get better and more pronounced as the months go on.

Sermorelin Acetate is a miracle, but with that being said the individual still has to weight lift, do cardio, and eat a well-balanced diet to maximize the effects of it. If the individual follows a high protein low carbohydrate diet with cardiovascular and weight training they can expect to lose around 20 to 40 pounds of fat in that six months’ time, with an incredible gain of around 20 pounds of lean muscle mass. Though results vary depending on many variables like genetics, life style, and the environment.

How to Take Sermorelin Acetate

The next most commonly asked question is, how does one take Sermorelin Acetate? Sermorelin is an injection that is done once a day in which it is injected subcutaneously in the stomach, or into another fatty area of the body. Sermorelin is injected with a insulin needle at 0.3 ml every day or night for as long as your protocol lasts (can range from 6 months to years).

You can give yourself the injection at any time of the day but there are some factors that you may want to think about. First, Sermorelin Acetate may make one tired and often feel drowsy after the injection. Second, one should not eat an hour before or after the injection because fats and carbohydrates will reduce the effect of the Sermorelin shot. This detail is very, very important because one can mess up their blood-glucose levels if you eat too soon before or after the injection. These are two big limiting factors that cause most people to do the injection at night because it is the best time for limiting eating and easiest to go to bed right after the shot.

Sermorelin at night is the best way to maximize its benefits. Not only will it prompt that deeper sleep, but that deeper sleep will prompt the release of more HGH as you sleep. That being said, Sermorelin can still be injected in the morning, but the individual will have to skip breakfast and could be at risk for falling asleep. Sermorelin could also be injected in the afternoon, but that is a very hard time because that is when people usually are eating the highest volume of food.


As we already know, Sermorelin is a GHRH or a growth hormone-releasing hormone that causes the pituitary gland to release more HGH or human growth hormone naturally. GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are growth hormone releasing peptides which means that they bind to the growth hormone secretagogue receptor, which in turn makes the sermorelin more potent and maximums its benefits. GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 can have very good results if they were to act alone, but when they are combined with Sermorelin they create incredible results.

GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are in different blends with Sermorelin. The individual can choose if they want all three combined or if they just want one of the GHRPs. The formula that would be the most potent and maximize the most benefits would be the three combined with the highest dosages offered. Most people do not do this because of one little side effect of GHRP-6. It induces hunger and stomach emptying in mammals because it is a ghrelin mimetic. Ghrelin or better known as the hunger hormone, will cause extreme hunger ten to thirty minutes after injection. This means that you will have the urge to eat anything and everything in your kitchen after you take your injection (my experience).

This is a big negative for two reasons. First, you have to wait at least an hour after the injection to eat food so that you receive the full benefit from the shot. It is nearly impossible to wait an hour to eat after you feel the extreme hunger from GHRP-6. Second, the hunger strikes so hard that you have very little control over what food you choose to consume. This means that it could lead to eating a lot of junk food or foods that are very unhealthy, leading to increased weight gain. This is why so many clients choose just the GHRP-2 and Sermorelin combination to avoid the hunger pains. If you have extreme self-control and can handle stomach hunger like you have never felt before, then go for the combination of the three because it is the most potent. There are a few other side effects that should be noted with both the GHRPs. First both the 2 and the 6 can cause an individual to hold onto some water weight, while also increasing ACTH, Cortisol, and Prolactin a little.

Dosages Available

How Our Clinic Prescribes Sermorelin Acetate

  • The first thing that one needs to do before they can start a Sermorelin protocol is that they need to get their blood drawn and evaluated for growth hormone deficiency, the test to indicate if HGH levels are low is igf-1 deficiency.
  • Before you get your blood drawn, please fast the night before. That means no eating after 8:00 o’clock p.m.
  • Go to get your blood drawn on an empty stomach and eat something afterwards, because you will be low on blood.
  • It takes about 1 week for your blood results to come back to our clinic. Depending on your igf-1 levels, and the kind of symptoms that you’re reporting, as well as your weight and age, these will generally determine what your protocol dosage should be to get optimal benefits and results.


What To Do With the Sermorelin Once it Has Arrived

One of the benefits of Sermorelin acetate is that it’s really easy to administer! When you receive it, there will be instructions on how to mix. You simply draw the correct amount of bacteriostatic water out of the vial with the mixing syringe, 9 ml, and you inject it slowly (dribble style) into the vial of sermorelin at a 45-degree angle which contains a white powder (lyophilized form). Once the water is added to the lyophilized Sermorelin acetate, all you have to do it slowly turn the vile sideways to ensure that the water or liquid inside is no longer cloudy.

If you’re reconstituting the product and you find that the liquid is still cloudy then wait a moment and slowly rotate the vial between your hands gently until the cloudy liquid becomes clear. DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. Once the liquid is clear, you are ready to do your shots!

Contact Us! 

Our wellness and anti-aging clinic, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, can help you feel like you are in your 20s again with this incredible product! No matter if you are located in Arizona or somewhere else in United States, we can help you! An individual just has to fax or send their blood work over that shows their IGF-1 levels and then have an in-person or phone consultation with our doctor discussing your aging symptoms, questions about the Sermorelin and your health. If the Sermorelin is a fit for you, we will have it shipped out to your house within that week and you will be good to go! Call our clinic at 480-418-3678 or stop by our office located at 10595 Tatum Boulevard, E-141, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253!

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