ProLon: How Often Should You Do it?

How often should somebody do the fasting mimicking diet on ProLon? ProLon is the 5-day kit that we have in the office to make it so easy and convenient to do a fasting mimicking diet. So I’m going to take the information straight from Dr. Longo’s Book, The Longevity Diet and what his recommendations are. So he suggests, once a month, if you are overweight or obese, remember that’s not a subjective, I think I’m a little fluffy, that’s according to the BMI charts. People don’t like to have that label as obese, but that’s a medical diagnosis. It’s not a subjective mean comment it’s a medical diagnosis. So if you are in the overweight or obese categories on the BMI chart and that’s not pure muscle, you’re not a body builder. You know that there’s a good layer of fat on you and you have at least two risk factors for diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular or neuro-degenerative diseases. What the heck is that?

So that means that your blood pressure is elevated. You’ve got problems with your cholesterol, you’ve got expanding waistline, you’ve got abdominal fat, you’ve got health concerns, things that are worrying you that you think might be problematic in the future. So that’s once a month. Once every two months, if you are average weight, so you’re a normal BMI, and you have at least two risk factors, once every three months, if you’re average weight and you have only one risk factor. Once every four months if you’re healthy, normal diet but you don’t exercise. Once every six months if you are healthy, you have an ideal diet and you have regular physical exercise. So that’s once every six months.

If you’re starting off with several health problems, it’s probably going to be once a month and the can space that out until you’re once every four months if you don’t exercise. Or once every six months if you do exercise. The other thing he suggests here is that you start the diet on probably Monday morning so that you’re finishing up in time for social activities on the weekend. If Friday night is a social night for you, you get together with family or friends then you may want to consider starting this on Sunday or at the latest, Sunday night, so that by Friday and Saturday you’re back to a regular diet and you can participate in your social activities.

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