Step One:

Current Labs – Do you have current blood work (within 6-9 months) If not, we can draw your labs and send it out with a copy of your health insurance card and the lab will bill your insurance. Dr. Harrison reviews a much more detailed list of labs than a Primary Care Practitioner and is evaluating different values within that report.

If you have current labs, please bring a copy with you to your Intake Consultation or we can request them from your provider (complete Release of Records in Forms).

Step Two:

Pick up a Saliva Hormone Test Kit @ Incredible Health or call 480-418-3678 to arrange to have it shipped to you.

Step Three:

Go to and complete the appropriate forms in the New Patient tab and email them back to with the subject line: NEW PATIENT FORMS – APPT NEEDED

Step Four:

After we have received your New Patient Forms you will be entered in to our electronic medical records system (EMR) called Power2Patient. You will receive an email asking that you register for the Patient Portal. This is required for private and secure communication with Dr. Harrison.

You will use the following information to register:

  1. Your ‘user name’ is the email address listed on your forms
  2. Your email address is the email address listed on your forms
  3. You will set your password after entering your user name and email.

Step Five:

Please register for Fullscript by going to the Store tab and scrolling to FULLSCRIPT>> Register to Order. By registering for Fullscript, Dr. Harrison will be able to easily send supplement, diet and nutrition recommendations as well as attach Patient Protocols for easing anxiety, depression, help with weight or exercise and tips for common health needs.

Step Six:

When your ZRT Saliva Hormone results has been received, we will call to schedule your Initial Appointment. This appointment is a 60 min appointment where you will review your bloodwork, saliva hormone report, Male/Female Questionnaire and Sleep Questionnaire. Since most clients opt for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets, a 30 min pellet appointment is also scheduled with your Initial Visit to secure that time for you if it is needed.

Please call 480-418-3678 if you have any questions!