Greetings from Incredible Health!

This year we are moving into a membership model, or Concierge Medicine. Many of you are familiar with this kind of medical practice as it has become more common in specialty medicine.

Dr. Harrison will be offering some fabulous benefits for members, and we will provide Members Only promotions throughout the year. Membership with Incredible Health will be $99 a month ($1,188 per year). If you choose to pay the full year, you will receive one month free ($1,089 per year).

Membership Benefits*

Pellet Clients: 4th pellet (every 12 months), NO INSERTION FEE ($325 value). Cost of pellets and supplies only.

Hormone Clients: Follow up visit (6-month visit), NO OFFICE VISIT FEE ($295 value).

Two B12 injections, per month ($480 value, annually).

IV Nutrition: 10% off, year-round.

ProLon Fast Mimicking Diet: 10% off, year-round ($25 off per kit).

10% OFF Member Prices for office visits (minimum $50 value)

10% OFF Private Label Supplements (in store and online).

5% OFF Metagenics (online only).

One SECA scan free every 12 months ($60 value)

*Cannot be combined with any other offers


For non-members, we have non-member pricing.

Non-Member pricing examples are as follows**:

Pellet Visits- $570 plus pellet costs.

Annual Visit -$695 (60 min, focused visit).

Follow Up Visit – $495 (30 min)

**Not eligible for membership discounts

MEDICARE CLIENTS – Membership fees are not a covered benefit. Membership benefits will not apply to services that are billed to Medicare. A signed ABN will still be required for every visit for Medicare patients whether you plan on billing Medicare or not.

At your next office visit you will be asked to choose your membership status.