IV Nutrition Therapy

IV nutrition therapy is the process of delivering vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, intravenously [directly into bloodstream] through a drip system. A small IV catheter is temporarily inserted into a vein in order for the nutrients to be administered. The drip system is used so the nutrients are delivered over a period of time appropriate for the nutritional therapy being given.

This delivery system of nutritional cocktails has gained a lot popularity because of the ease of delivery and the amazing benefits people receive after their very first IV drip! The 30 to 45-minute session enhances your energy, improves your overall mood, and helps prevent future health conditions caused by stress, malnutrition, and dehydration.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t consume your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, let alone experience their valuable benefits. IV nutrition therapy is a safe and effective way to receive natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the bloodstream.

I know what you’re thinking … “I have a great diet and take a quality multivitamin, so I’m good!”

Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case.

Nutrients typically reach your cells as part of the digestion process. Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is responsible for breaking down the food (and pills, including the multivitamin) you eat and enabling the nutrients to be delivered to the blood through the lining of the GI tract. But how healthy is your gut, really?

For many people, the GI tract prevents adequate absorption of those nutrients. If your digestion system cannot process the nutrients, your gut will either become upset or get rid of those nutrients through body waste without allowing it to be delivered to the bloodstream where it can reach the cells that are in dire need of them.

When nutrients are administered with the use of IV nutrition therapy, they are delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the [not optimally functioning] GI tract and are carried directly to those cells. We can safely deliver larger doses of nutrients safely through an IV that would otherwise not be tolerated if provided orally, including stomach upset, absorption issues and loss of potency.

A great example of this is when people are taking vitamin C to get over a sickness, which can only be taken in smaller amounts orally before causing an upset stomach. However, when delivered through an IV, there can be a higher dose delivered in order to benefit the immune system and people won’t have the same stomach side effects.

What Are Some Other Benefits From IV Nutrition Therapy?

IV Nutrition Therapy can provide incredible health benefits, and with the improvement of cellular health with the nutrients, it is no wonder it has been added to many anti-aging protocols.

 Clients can expect to see some of the following and more:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved healing and recovery (pre- and post-surgery)
  • Stress Relief
  • Mental clarity

Is There Only One Type of IV Nutrition Drip?

Nope! You’ve got options!

After meeting with the medical provider, you will be provided some options that would be best for you and allow you to leave feeling your best! Take a look some of the IV nutrition therapy options available to you!

Perfect for anyone who wants to train hard in a hobby or sport, we recommend this nutrient drip before and after intense physical activity. You don’t have to be an athlete, either. If you simply want to be more consistent with your workouts, this drip will give you stamina and quick muscle recovery, so you can achieve your fitness goals.

No matter how consistent you are, taking vitamins orally and working out doesn’t guarantee optimal fitness. We put way too much strain on our bodies every day by simply multitasking at work and home; let alone trying to stay fit and competitive.

Most people choose to rely on caffeine and other stimulants for energy. And instead, ignore their negative effects on the body.

Nutrient IV Therapy works like a charm, sending high-impact nutrients to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely. This is an effective way for cells to receive essential vitamins and minerals that help us fight diseases and eliminate toxins.

Not getting these nutrients makes you crash at the end of a major task or physical activity, affecting your performance.

Immediate Benefits

  • Increase stamina and energy to perform your best in any physical activity.
  • Be mentally alert and focused to meet your fitness or athletic goals
  • Strengthen muscles before and after intense physical activity
  • Recover your energy levels naturally and bounce back from complete exhaustion.
  • Combat fatigue and stay motivated to train for longer hours.

This formula promotes healthy heart, brain, skin, hair and nails. Glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant, is critical to good immune function and helps detoxify the body. Biotin promotes cell growth in hair, skin and nails; and B-complex vitamins improve brain function and reduce stress.

How you treat yourself in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond determines how you’ll look and feel in the next decades of your life.

But statistics show most people don’t nourish their bodies correctly, impacting their outward appearance greatly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of American adults don’t drink enough water a day. 36% of them only drink 1 to 3 cups, while 7% don’t drink any at all.

In another report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 2/3 of American adults eat fruit less than 2 times a day, way lower than needed, while only 3/4 eat vegetables less than 3 times a day.

Malnutrition and dehydration affect how your skin looks tremendously. Nutrient IV Therapy helps compensate for that.

Immediate Benefits 

  • Rehydrate your skin after excessive sun exposure to avoid wrinkles.
  • Replenish your body with nutrients that nourish your hair, skin, and nails so they appear healthier.
  • Reduce the visible signs of aging and feel better about your appearance.
  • Detox and eliminate toxins from your system, so you look younger.

This is your one-stop-shop for all of your nutrient needs. It has the greatest impact on mood, and rehydrates your brain and other important organs, giving you a sense of clarity and extra focus: something everyone needs. Many people use this drip as a long-term strategy to stay healthy all year round.

When you put the very best in your body, you empower yourself to do more with life. This is what makes us feel accomplished and fulfilled.

A complete nutritional diet has an immediate impact on mood, just like exercise has an immediate impact on energy. Unfortunately, most people consume very little of what the body needs to lead a productive life that can effectively manage high levels of stress. And somehow, people are convinced that this is okay. When, in fact, a fast-paced life with limited nutrition puts your organs at risk every day. Common side effects include blurred vision, chronic fatigue, and even mood swings that impact how we deal with life’s problems.

We believe that reaching optimal health is a personal journey that requires you to constantly fuel the body with the very best vitamins and minerals in addition to staying active and mentally engaged.

The Liquilift ensures you take in all of the powerful vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, so you can stay motivated to do more and feel great at the same time.

Immediate Benefits

  • Obtain maximum results by receiving all of the vitamins and minerals included in other IVdrips
  • Get a higher dose of B12 vitamins to give your brain clarity.
  • Give yourself the right amount of Biotin to reactivate cells that produce healthy looking hair and skin.
  • Empower your liver to detoxify chemicals, metabolize prescription medicine, and break down damaged blood cells.

Fight against stress caused by heavy workloads, long business days, and intense mental activity. If you’re constantly traveling, this drip helps you recover from jet lag, while sharpening memory and focus. Whatever life demands of you, this drip gives you the drive to achieve anything you put your mind to.

It isn’t normal to always feel mentally drained and exhausted after work. Our bodies are designed to sustain intense physical and mental activity if we replenish it properly.

Nutrient IV Therapy improves your energy levels and overall mood well after clocking out, so you can enjoy the best life has to offer.

But still … most of us live stressed out from juggling too much to get ahead. When we’re just missing out on life.

Remember that stress is a silent killer. Initially it causes poor decision-making, sharp declines in performance, limited creativity, mood swings and even conflict with those around you. Before your know it, it attacks your immune system and makes you age quicker, too.

Nutrient IV Therapy strengthens your immune system so you can fight seasonal allergies, mild colds, or even the flu if taken consistently.

Immediate Benefits

  • Feel sharper and clearer to
  • perform daily activities with precision.
  • Improve your overall mood, so you can be more productive during your workday.
  • Get energy to exercise or pick up a hobby after hours.
  • Combat stress by feeling relaxed and in control over your tasks.
  • Avoid getting sick by keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

If you’ve had a long night out, this mix of essential vitamins and minerals replenishes electrolytes, rehydrates the body and boosts energy levels within minutes.

Great for people who travel or are on vacation!

Once in a while, we’ll have one drink too many or not get enough sleep for whatever reason.

Though common, these situations make your body suffer from shear dehydration, putting your cells at risk of sickness. This is why you feel groggy and unmotivated to do anything the day after.

The fact is your brain needs to reset, so you can function. The Rise and Shine drip helps you recharge your body after staying out way too late under the stars. Not only does it keep your body hydrated, it also amps up your energy levels so the immune system can continue fighting against germs or viruses that can cause you harm.

The most powerful ingredient in this drip is Taurine. This amino acid helps promote cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation.

Pairing Taurine with powerful electrolytes and Magnesium Chloride detoxifies your cells, while giving you the willpower to get back up and running as normal.

Immediate Benefits

  • Avoid headaches, dizziness

  • after a long night with little to no sleep.
  • Obtain the energy to bounce back, be productive and get things done.
  • Empower your immune system to protect you, so you don’t get sick.
  • Hydrate your brain and other organs, so you can function completely without putting more strain on your body.
  • Be alert and ready to take on your day.

If you’re feeling under the weather or are already sick with the common cold or flu, this high dose of vitamin C with Zinc will boost the immune system, so you can bounce back quickly. This drip is great for anyone who is subject to airborne illnesses.

Don’t start worrying about your health when early signs of aging or sickness occur. Start doing something now while you can still be active. This way you can avoid expensive doctor visits and exams while living a longer, more fulfilling life.

Nutrient IV drips help you avoid getting sick, while motivating you to travel more, participate in sports, or even pick up a new hobby like yoga or Zumba.

Most people don’t realize the impact excellent nutrition can have on our overall mood and productivity. That’s partly because many people don’t eat enough fruits and veggies or drink the recommended amount of water in the first place.

In a world where eating out, drinking multiple cups of coffee, and relying on prescription medicine is the norm, no wonder it’s hard to find energy to do something fulfilling.

Immediate Benefits

  • Avoid getting sick by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep you resilient.
  • Obtain powerful antioxidants to fight against airborne illnesses floating around work or home.
  • Maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular function of the body.
  • Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense levels of work or travel.

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