Instant Pot- Make Healthy Meals in Seconds With No Cooking Skills Required

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Hi. Dr. Toni Harrison with Incredible Health again. One of the things that we try and help our clients with is practical easy ways to deal with life, the daily struggles of life. Meal prep is definitely one of those issues. How do you easily make meals to get your nutrition throughout the day, because that is a stumbling block for a lot of people. They’re grabbing convenience foods and then at the end of the day being disappointed with what they ate because they are just trying to survive and get through life.

I have no domestic skills whatsoever. If I can do this, you can do this. I have made my husband throw up five times now. I’ve made the dog throw up twice. When I tell you I have no domestic skills, I am not exaggerating. I have no ability to cook whatsoever. The idea of making hard boiled eggs to me, I know for a lot of people, straightforward, easy, no brainer, for me that’s like an afternoon project, because I am going to have to look up how to do it and figure out different options. It just ends up being too much work.

I recently got an Instant Pot. I don’t know if you have one of these yet. If you don’t, I highly recommend them. I love my Instant Pot. I have the Instant Pot Ultra. They’re so simple, straightforward. This is the inner liner. It is so easy to clean, which is another great thing. It just fits right in there. It comes with a trivet. You can use that or you can get this egg holder. I got the egg holder, of course, but you don’t have to have this. You can just use the trivet that comes with the pot and that’ll get the job done.

You just put a cup of water in the bottom, place your eggs in there, you seal your top and it automatically lights up. I am choosing the ultra setting, which is the manual setting for your pressure. So, I’ve already got pressure on high. Now I want to set my time for six minutes, select it, push start and I’m done. That’s seriously all there is to it. I’m done. I can walk away from it. I can go continue with whatever household chores I need to do, jump in the shower, whatever. Come back later on and your eggs will be done. There’s essentially no clean up. Straightforward, easy, done. Perfect hard boiled eggs.

That makes it easy to use them in your meal prep or if you need a quick breakfast on the run. The Instant Pot will slowly build up the pressure, and then cook, and then slowly decrease the pressure, keep things warm for you if you need to, and then you’re done. That’s it. We’re going to bring you more recipes with the Instant Pot just because people are loving it. I hope you have a great day. This is Toni Harrison with Incredible Health.

Buy the Instant Pot Today, available on!

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