From the Studio of Dr. Toni Harrison, MD – Peptide Therapy 101

We have had some great excitement here in the clinic and I’m really excited to have some additional tools to offer my clients. We have started using peptides. If you haven’t heard about peptide therapy, it is awesome and uniformly, our clients have been having great results. It’s been a little bit of a learning curve for me, but I’m starting to get much more comfortable with them and I’m terribly excited about them.

Peptides are basically small proteins and are used as hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes. The first peptide was recognized in 1920. In 1921, insulin was the first game changing peptide and everybody’s familiar with insulin. Next, oxytocin and vasopressin were discovered. Some peptides have been used in traditional medicine for a long, long time, but the newer peptides are not very well known and may seem strange.

Peptides can help speed up recovery and improve healing. They are not foreign to the body because these are molecules that the human body makes on its own. Most of them are delivered sub Q just like insulin, because if you take them by mouth then your body will digest it just like any other protein. There are a few peptides that are specifically designed to be taken by mouth because the purpose is to heal the gut lining, or there are some peptides that are delivered by nasal spray. There are some peptides that are delivered as a foam to be applied to the scalp to help prevent hair loss, but the vast majority of the peptides are a sub Q injection. There are some peptides that help with the immune system, peptides that are used in cancer care and sexual health and the sexual experience as well as peptides for weight loss.

Two areas of use for peptide’s in Functional Medicine are 1 – Anti-Aging; which has the side benefit of improving bone density and, 2 – Quality of sleep, mental performance and body composition and tissue repair.

The anti aging peptides typically help the pituitary to secrete more growth hormone but you’re not going to do an NFL football player or Schwarzenegger or Stallone level of growth hormone. This is the level of growth hormone that you had as say a 25 or 30 year old person. And what it does is it increases your mitochondrial abilities, the mitochondria make energy, they convert your calories into ATP. Not only just basic energy for living, but also all the energy that you need to do the chemical reactions that your body requires.

The benefits of peptide therapy: Increase in lean muscle growth. Improvements in workout and recovery. Reduced body fat. Reduced brain fog. Increased level of energy strength and stamina, increased muscle mass definition and endurance, decrease in cellulite, better deeper and more restful sleep, decrease in joint and muscle pain, improved energy and mood, restore hormonal balance, increased sex drive, increased skin elasticity and decrease in wrinkles, increase in mental functions, accelerated healing of wounds or surgery, strengthening of the immune system, fuller hair and improved nail growth, boosts healthy levels of growth hormone, increase bone density and health, anti-inflammatory, maintain GI mucosal integrity, repairing of tissue.

Now, that list is obviously not from one compounded peptide. These are all different substances. It’s not a panacea. These are different than what we’ve used in traditional medicine, so they seem somewhat foreign, but they really shouldn’t be because like I said, insulin is a peptide.To date, they have discovered 7,000 peptides in the human body, so depending upon the specific need of the client, the peptide is prescribed for that need. For instance, anti-aging or a growth hormone analog could be CJC/ipamorelin/tesamorelin. If you’re looking for weight loss, it might be 5-amino 1MQ or AOD-9064. If you’re looking for a tissue repair as an athlete, it would be BPC 157. If you’re looking for immune help, it would be thymosin 1 alpha.

If peptide therapy is something that has been of interest for you or you think you’d like to try one, I would certainly search out our clinic. As we continue with these podcasts, I’m going to try and do a podcast on specific peptides so we can get into more depth. Hope you’re having a great day and do something today that makes you healthier tomorrow. See ya!

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