From the Studio of Dr. Toni Harrison = Libido and Peptides

Today we’re going to talk about a peptide that involves libido: PT 141. You might be surprised that many of my clients come into my office and have a desire to improve their bedroom life. Our sexual health is a very important part of our lives.

Personal or intimate relationships affect our general health and the importance of human touch should not be minimized. 43% of women have some type of sexual dysfunction. That’s a huge percentage. 30 million men are struggling with erectile dysfunction and of course that , percentage in men increases as they age. It’s a very, very common issue, but one that people don’t talk freely about. The nice thing about PT 141 is that it works on the brain, and it can be used by men and women. As a matter of fact, soon it’s going to be approved by the FDA for treating sexual hypo arousal disorder (diminished libido) in women but curiously, it is more often used in men than in women. For women, this peptide increases vaginal blood flow and makes the tissue more sensitive, which improves the sexual experience and makes it a little bit easier to reach orgasm.

In a study of 400 pre-menopausal women where patients took PT 141 over 16 weeks, results showed that 50% of them had an increase in satisfying sexual events, versus 12% in placebo. Another study included 18 pre-menopausal women that received only a single dose of PT 141, and they showed improvement in arousal and desire. For women, it increases interest and desire for sex and increases her ability to reach an orgasm. For men, it is easier to obtain and maintain an erection. There are also no contraindications for foods, supplements or medications which is a nice thing because a lot of the other medications that are used for libido often have several contraindications.

The first time you use PT 141, you will want to use it as a “stand-alone” product- you don’t want to combine it with any other erectile dysfunction therapies or arousal enhancements until you understand how this particular medication works in your body. Side effects are pretty rare.and they include nausea and vomiting, which can be helped with coffee, (taken preemptively) or try Prilosec. Some participants have complained about slight muscle pain, but in general, there are very few side effects, and the reason for that is that the PT 141 peptide is actually part of the growth hormone that the body secretes naturally-it’s a peptide that your body already produces on its own. HOW: PT 141 is a sub-Q injection administered about an hour before sexual activity. You should limit yourself to three injections in a week, that is the maximum recommended use.

It’s so common that people come into my office with these kinds concerns and it’s nice to be able to have another tool that I can put in front of people. If this is an avenue you think might be helpful to you, call the clinic and schedule an appointment. Have a great day and do something today that makes you healthier tomorrow!

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