ZRT Saliva Hormone Test Kit:
Question: My Primary Care Physician (PCP) has already drawn blood for my hormones, can I use these labs instead of doing a saliva test kit?
ANSWER: No, saliva testing provides data on bio-available (ready and able) hormone levels rather than what is found in the blood (stored hormone levels). Saliva testing is the premiere method to determine if a patient needs Bio Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT).

Full Panel of Bloodwork:
Question: My PCP just ran all my labs 3 months ago; do I need to redo my bloodwork before I see Dr. Harrison?
ANSWER: No! We ask that you fill out a Release of Information form (found under > New Patients > FORMS) and we will request medical request records. If your panel does not contain all of the individual labs that Dr. Harrison would like to review, we can set an appt for a Fasting Blood Draw, first thing in the morning and include a copy of your health insurance – Sonora Quest will bill your insurance on our behalf.

Question: Can Dr. Harrison write all of my prescriptions (pain medications, blood pressure medications, anti-depressants & anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics for acute infections, etc.)?
ANSWER: No. Dr. Harrison will manage the prescriptions she writes, for the conditions she manages.

Health Insurance:
Question: Do you take my health insurance?
ANSWER: At this time Incredible Health is contracted with Medicare. Your health insurance will most likely cover your annual bloodwork and may cover some testing kits (this does not include the ZRT kit). *If you would like your insurance company to consider covering your care at Incredible Health you may submit your invoices on your own behalf. Please contact your insurance provider for more information on submitting a claim.

HSA Cards:
Question: Can I use my Flex Spending Account/HSA Card to pay for services with Incredible Health?
ANSWER: Yes. If your benefits card has a credit card logo on it (just like a debit card), it will operate like a credit card for payment. Any questions about reimbursement should be directed to your insurance carrier.

General Care:
Question: Can Dr. Harrison be my “Regular Doctor”? Many clients ask if once they have started care with Dr. Harrison, will she be “my regular doctor now”; managing health concerns like ear infections, pap smears, breast exams, strep throat, COVID concerns or other health issues.
ANSWER: Dr. Harrison is not a Family Doctor, Primary Cary Physician or a General Practitioner. She sees clients for conditions or concerns such as nutrient testing, hormone care & suicidality (Low Dose Ketamine infusions). All other medical needs should be directed toward a general practitioner or family doctor.