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What’s in the Medicine Cabinet?

These days, it’s smart to be prepared for anything and ensure you and your family are well-stocked. It’s a good idea to take a regular inventory of every cabinet...

May 15th, 2020
Immune Support Recommendations

Looking for ways to support healthy immune function? Eric Lundquist, MD shared a variety of options to consider as ways to help support immune health.

May 13th, 2020
10 Symptoms of Possible Estrogen Imbalance

There has been a lot of discussion within the scientific community recently about estrogen dominance, and with good reason. Estrogen dominance is a condition that includes normal or high amounts of estrogen, with little or no progesterone to balance its...

Mar 6th, 2020
Gut Health, Fatigue and Sleep: Are They Related?

What keeps you up at night? Is it the lure of scrolling through social media? The temptation of clicking “next episode” on the show you’re watching? Or is it the stress of an important meeting or test the following day?

Feb 19th, 2020
Sexual Side Effects of Aging

Our bodies change as we age—as hard as we might fight it. For women who want to maintain a sexually active life with a partner, that may mean accommodating some physical changes. We talked to Lyra Heller, MA to learn her advice on what we can do in ......

Feb 14th, 2020
3 Ways to Decrease Inflammation

What’s Eating You? Feeling overly tired, bloated, or achy? When dealing with these often stress-related concerns, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: Am I eating well? Am I getting enough sleep? Do I drink enough water ......

Feb 12th, 2020
From the Studio of Dr. Toni Harrison = Libido and Peptides

Today we're going to talk about a peptide that involves libido: PT 141. You might be surprised that many of my clients come into my office and have a desire to improve their bedroom life. Our sexual health is a very important part of our lives.

Feb 7th, 2020
What Counts as Fiber? A Discussion on FDA Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is giving the Nutrition and Supplement Facts panels a facelift! In part one of this two-part series we outlined some of the major changes coming to labels starting in 2020. One of those changes includes defining....

Jan 17th, 2020
What’s New on Product Labels? Here’s a Detailed Guide

When you buy a packaged food or nutritional product, chances are you’ve studied, or at least peeked at, the label on the back. Whether you’re interested in reviewing the calorie content, the breakdown of macronutrients ....

Jan 15th, 2020
The Gluten-Free Diet: Facts and Myths

New research, published in the journal Nature Communications, finds that a diet low in gluten may also benefit the health of people who are not allergic to it. However, the benefits are not down to the mere absence of gluten.

Jan 13th, 2020
Plants: A Breath of Fresh Air

There are clear benefits to spending time outdoors walking among plants and trees—what the Japanese call “forest bathing.”

Jan 8th, 2020
The Best Whole Food Plant-Based and Vegan Sources of B12

Worried you can't get all the nutrients you need on a plant-based diet? The truth is you can get everything your body needs from plants. The one (kind of) exception: B12. Here's the scoop on what B12 is, why your body needs it, and how to get it ......

Jan 6th, 2020
Healthy Sleep Basics

Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy sleep improves your health and quality of life in a variety of ways....

Jan 3rd, 2020
Food and Social Justice in the United States

Regardless of your history or socioeconomic status, you most likely believe in some form of the “American dream,” the idea that anyone in the US, regardless of race, social class, or geography....

Dec 23rd, 2019
Peptide Therapy and the Future of Functional Medicine

Wellness is defined as the state of being in overall good health. That can be difficult to achieve considering how complex our bodies are. There are so many different organs and bodily systems that all need to be functioning properly all at once. But there

Dec 20th, 2019
Menopause Muffin Top? Here’s What to Do About It

Stuck in the Middle with Menopause Belly For a chosen few over age 45, the ability to keep a svelte figure before, during, and after menopause seems effortless. But for the rest of us, our menopausal ...

Dec 13th, 2019
History and Use of Glyphosate

Glyphosate, first registered for use in the United States in 1974, is an herbicide widely used to kill broadleaf weeds and grasses and regulate the growth of certain plants.1,2 It is employed in agriculture, forestry, in lawn and garden maintenance........

Dec 9th, 2019
Hemp in Sustainable Technologies

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) has been cultivated for thousands of years. With the recent passage of the Farm Bill and the Hemp Farming Act, hemp is growing in popularity and possibilities. Industrial hemp is cultivated for many uses and when extracted.....

Dec 6th, 2019
Unveiling the Truth About Net Carbs

In some circles “carbs” has become a dirty word, something to be avoided at all costs. Carbs, or carbohydrates, are macronutrients that provide 4 calories per gram and have long been a part of the human diet.

Dec 4th, 2019
A Happy Gut for the Holidays

Between the heaps of sugar from cookies and candies and the mountains of gravy from a seasonal roast, the months of November and December......

Dec 2nd, 2019
Does the Skin Have a Microbiome?

The first thought that likely comes to mind when you hear the word “microbiome” is the gut. But the human microbiome extends far beyond the intestines. The word microbiome refers to the trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses,....

Nov 20th, 2019
How Can Gut Bacteria Affect Weight Maintenance?

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? If so, you may want to check in with your gut. Research has shown that our gut bacteria—specifically, the wrong kind of gut bacteria, or lack of microbial diversity—can hinder weight management.1

Nov 20th, 2019
10 Ideas to Start on America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. It is celebrated each year on November 15 and this year’s theme is “I want to be recycled.”

Nov 15th, 2019
Teaching Our Children Life Values Through Reading

We often hear about the benefits of reading to children from an early age such as increased vocabulary, language development and learning about the world around them. The benefits of reading go beyond education and .......

Nov 12th, 2019
5 De-Stress Activities for Stress Awareness Month

Stress. We feel it physically and we wear it emotionally. It comes in waves and can stay for unwelcomed periods of time. And if left unchecked, it can lead to more than just a lack of happiness in your days, including a variety of major health issues, such

Nov 11th, 2019

A stroke can happen to anyone, at anytime and anywhere. Today stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the second leading cause of death, but almost all strokes could be prevented.

Oct 30th, 2019
7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.

Oct 28th, 2019
The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency

In the developed world, iodine deficiency has increased more than four-fold over the past 40 years. Nearly 74% of normal, “healthy” adults may no longer consume enough iodine.

Oct 20th, 2019

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to experience increased aches, pains and joint stiffness. Many of us assume this discomfort just goes with the territory....

Oct 18th, 2019
Nutrient Deficiencies in Kids’ Diets

Our children are often our greatest pride, our greatest challenge, and sometimes our greatest frustration. However, they are not small adults, and they often remind us of this around meal times when the plate full of veggies goes untouched....

Oct 16th, 2019
How Can a Keto Diet Support Cognition?

Many factors influence why we sometimes forget where we put our keys or occasionally lose focus, and brain energy metabolism is one of them. Despite only accounting for ~2% of our total body weight, the brain uses nearly one-quarter of...

Oct 14th, 2019
Getting Enough Protein for a Healthy Workout

Protein is a crucial nutrient when health and exercise are involved. It provides the human body with energy as well as excellent support for many metabolic processes. Consuming an adequate amount of protein should be a priority if you are working on ...

Oct 9th, 2019
Why Do I Lose Weight Slower Than My Husband?

It is not a myth that men can lose weight faster than women.1 The inherent physiological differences between the sexes play a big role when it comes to losing weight, especially in the initial stages.2

Oct 4th, 2019
Resistant Starch 101

Unless you follow a ketogenic diet, chances are your diet is high in carbohydrates. Most of these carbohydrates consist of starches, which are composed of long glucose chains. While regular starch is quickly digested and absorbed into the body.....

Sep 30th, 2019
10 Ways to Deal with Stress Over the Holidays

When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Some might say giving thanks, while others cite time spent with family, enjoying festivities, and holiday food. For many people, an unwelcome guest may also appear: stress.

Sep 27th, 2019
10 Healthy Fall Foods That Aren’t Pumpkin

PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN, pumpkin. This time of year, it can feel like pumpkin’s the only thing on the menu. But fortunately, whether you aren’t a fan of pumpkin at all or are just straight-up gourd-ed out, pumpkin is far from the only piece of produce ......

Sep 27th, 2019
7 Reasons Yoga Is Good for Menopause

Women officially enter menopause when a full year has passed since their last period. But peri-menopause, or the time leading up to menopause, is equally significant in women’s lives.

Sep 25th, 2019
6 Stages and 16 Tips for Developing Good Habits

We’ve probably all heard that it takes 21 day to develop a new habit. But the reality is, the length of time it takes to develop good habits is much longer*. If we think we can change in 21 days, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Sep 24th, 2019
What’s Coming up in Hemp Trends?

Now the crop falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture.1 Since hemp—defined as Cannabis sativa with less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—has become a standard agricultural commodity, the Metagenics team is exploring what this means

Sep 20th, 2019
A Man’s Guide to Menopause

In some cases, living with someone who is undergoing the effects of the menopausal transition can leave you feeling like your world’s been turned upside down. Fear not! We have some tips to share!

Sep 18th, 2019
Not So Sweet: The Sugar-Inflammation Connection

Inflammation plays a key role in the immune system.1 This physiological process, the inflammatory response, is the body’s way of protecting itself from infection due to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other foreign substances.2 Inflammation plays a key role

Sep 13th, 2019

When you step on a scale and see that you’ve lost
3 pounds, what did you really lose? 3 pounds of fat? Muscle? Water? Measuring your body composition allows you to truly understand the changes in your weight. Knowing how much fat you need to lose and how m

Sep 2nd, 2019
Have You Checked in with Yourself Today?

There is no “right” way to practice self-care. As the name implies, it’s highly personal to you and what you need to feel like you’re living your best life.

Aug 30th, 2019
The 5-Day Fast that Everyone is Talking About

Dr. Toni Harrison with Incredible Health again. We have a new offering at the clinic that I’m really excited about. You may have heard talk recently about fasting, it seems to be coming into vogue.

Aug 28th, 2018
Are Ketamine Clinics FDA Approved?

Ketamine is one of the four medications that can be used to put people to sleep for surgery. It has been used since the 1970’s in adults and children for several uses in medicine.

May 2nd, 2019
Multivitamins Without Cyanide

Dr. Harrison went live on FB to help shine some light on multivitamins. Often times we search after cheaper products because things add up, we completely get it! One of the problems with purchasing cheaper products is that you're getting what you pay for.

Apr 26th, 2019
You Are an Animal

This is for you if you absolutely hate exercise and just aren’t going to do it. You are an animal. You just are. You have to sleep, you have to eat, you have to exercise, you have to move, and you have to rest.

Jan 24th, 2019
Magnesium- The One Supplement You Need!

Hi, so today we’re going to talk about magnesium. At the conference, they had a panel of functional medicine physicians up there, and somebody asked if you were on a desert island, what one supplement are you taking with you?

Oct 30th, 2018
Update: Dr. Harrison’s ProLon Experience!

Hi guys. Dr. Harrison here with Incredible Health again. I know it’s been a while, and I’ve heard from some people that they’ve been dying to know how ProLon went for me. I’ve actually done two courses of ProLon now.

Oct 15th, 2018
Is A Vitamin D Deficiency a Root Cause of Your Health Problems?

Hi, Dr. Toni Harrison here. I wanted to talk today about vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, it’s misnamed. It’s actually a hormone. Vitamins are things that your body can’t produce on their own, and that you need to acquire from your fo

Sep 18th, 2018
ProLon: How Often Should You Do it?

How often should somebody do the fasting mimicking diet on ProLon? ProLon is the 5-day kit that we have in the office to make it so easy and convenient to do a fasting mimicking diet.

Sep 12th, 2018
Is ProLon Right For You?

Hi, Dr. Toni Harrison with Incredible Health again. With the introduction of ProLon in our clinic, I wanted to go over who this program is not intended for.

Sep 4th, 2018
The IV Nutrition Mystery

Hi, recently in the news I saw that Ryan Lochte had received a ban from the US Swimming Association. You may be wondering why he would do such a thing. He received an IV nutrition infusion.

Aug 17th, 2018
Attention All Amazon Shoppers!!!

Hi, Dr. Toni Harrison with Incredible Health again. Today I want to go over Designs for Health. They are one of the four companies that I use for supplements, but they’ve done something that I thought was brilliant.

Jul 31st, 2018
5 Things in My Gym Bag!

Hey there! This is Heather writing to you regarding the 5 things in my gym bag that I can’t do without! In case you haven’t put a name to a face yet, this is me …

Feb 20th, 2018
Quick Guide: Eating and Cooking With Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats doesn’t have to be hard, but you do need to pay attention. You also need to pay attention to how you cook with fats. This is a quick guide on how to eat and cook using healthy fats!

Feb 8th, 2018
Why Do People Get Testosterone Pellets?

Pellets are catching on like crazy! If you are wondering why, I’m going to go over the benefits of this particular delivery method. Pellets have been around since 1917 with the first FDA approved pellet in 1972.

Nov 15th, 2017
Key Stress Factors Weighing You Down

Any time a demand is placed on your energy, both mentally and physically, you have a stressor. By definition, stressors are any stimulus that causes stress.

Oct 27th, 2017
IV Nutrition Therapy

Incredible Health is now featuring IV nutrition therapy for our clients! Come and relax in one of the recliners while enjoying the incredible benefits of IV nutrition therapy!

Aug 8th, 2017