Bioidentical Hormones | Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  

Are you sick and tired of feeling run down? Ever notice how everyone just says it is part of the “aging process”? Well here is the kicker:

We can help you do something about it!  Did you know hormone deficiencies contribute to many of the signs and symptoms associated to the aging process?

  • Depression
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Libido
  • Loss of Strength
  • Night Sweats/Hot Flashes
  • Forgetfulness or “Brain Fog”
  • Low Energy
  • Muscle Aches or Joint Pains
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Loss of Muscle
  • Fatigue

If you answered YES to any of the following, you are in need of hormone replacement therapy!

Can this really be true?

Yes, look at the list of the incredible benefits our clients see when they choose Bioidentical hormone replacement.

  • Renewed vitality
  • Increased energy
  • Loss of belly fat
  • Increased libido
  • Increased strength
  • Improved memory
  • Decreased muscle and joint aches and pains
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increase in motivation and mental health

So…. What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural plant sources that are identical to those that the body produces for itself, but in the right proportions. When we are “replacing” the body’s hormones, we use these compounds that the body recognizes as its own, rather than hormones from horses, imbalanced versions or overly potent synthetic versions. We mainly replace the following hormones:

  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • DHEA

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy means that your body receives the exact same molecules that it used to produce. This is important because the shape of the molecule needs to fit correctly into the shape of the receptor and it needs to be metabolized the way that your body was designed. It is designed to replenish your body with exact replicas of your hormones needed to achieve optimal health.

Where Do Bioidentical Hormones Come From?

Natural plant sterols are extracted from soybeans and/or yams. These are taken to a laboratory where they are converted chemically, or semi-synthesized to hormones that are identical and indistinguishable from the body’s own. Bioidenticals are derived from plant substances in the soybeans and yams (diadzein and genistein), and are natural in the sense that they are formulated in the lab to be biologically identical in structure and function to hormones produced in the body. For that reason, we prefer to call these hormones “bioidentical” or “plant derived.” We use the term “synthetic” to describe compounds that have been synthesized to mimic natural hormones but with some different properties that make them convenient for pharmaceutical dosing. These synthetic hormones are patented by the pharmaceutical companies, meaning that the molecular structure and milligram dosage is the same for every individual that is on that drug.

That’s right: These synthetic hormones often cause unwanted side effects and reactions because they have a different structure then those found in the human body and are not tailored specifically to each individual.

The bottom line: We use Bioidentical hormones because they are the exact structural replica, which makes side effects very rare. In the event that one does experience side effects, all the individual has to do is talk to their doctor and simply get the dosage adjusted to your exact needs, which synthetic hormones cannot do.

How Do I Start?

Clients complete a hormone testing kit prior to beginning any hormone replacement therapy. This test is completed from the comfort of your own home!

What does this mean for you? You got it! You can choose the day best for you and not have to call and schedule an appointment with a lab. These testing kits are available in the office located on the Southeast corner of Tatum and Shea in Paradise Valley, AZ. You can either stop into the office to pick up a kit, or we offer a complimentary 15- minute visit with a staff member that can answer your questions regarding the collection kit. Give us a call at 480-418-3678 to schedule your appointment.

Collection is Easy!

You will collect 4 tubes of saliva at specific times of day: upon rising, before lunch, before dinner, and right before bed. You will also collect a blood sample using the provided lancets (finger pricking devices) first thing in the morning. There is a step-by-step instruction sheet in the kit, or you can visit ZRT on their website ( for tutorials and other frequently asked questions.

Once you’ve completed the one-day of collections (saliva and blood), you drop it off to a local UPS store using the bag and prepaid label located inside the kit. Then you’re all done. Easy right!

The samples are 2nd Day Aired to the testing facility. We should receive your hormone test results within three business days once the lab receives it. A staff member at Incredible Health will call to schedule an appointment at that time.

Why Saliva Testing?

One may ask why do we test hormones in saliva rather than in blood serum? The answer is actually quite simple. Steroid hormones in the bloodstream are 95-99% bound to carrier proteins, and in this form, are unavailable to target tissue. Saliva testing measures the amount of hormone available to target tissues or the bioavailable amount. Saliva testing only represents the hormones actively delivered to receptors in the body. This means that saliva testing better relates to the specific symptoms of too much or too little of the certain hormones that we are monitoring.

Get this: if your current hormone therapy clinic is using blood serum testing to check where your hormones are at, you are not getting the precise milligrams of bioidentical hormones you need.

Yes, it’s true! You could not be feeling the full benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because your clinic tested you wrong in the first place!

What Is an Example of a Test Result?

We know you’re curious. We use a company call ZRT Laboratories for most of our hormone testing. Here are some pictures of what the reports will show us!

You will see the graphs for testosterone, DHEAS and cortisol. Remember, we are aiming to have clients at that 25-30-year-old level.

How Often Do You Test?

We test prior to initial hormone replacement, 6 months after beginning therapy to check prescription dosing, and then annually to ensure we are staying in an optimal range for a 25-30-year-old person.

The testing is a combo of saliva and blood to test all of your sex hormones (testosterone, progesterone, estradiol), DHEAs, Free-T4, Free T3, TSH (thyroid) and TPO.

So Now What?

Depending upon the hormone, there are different ways of administration (troches/sublingual dissolving tablets, capsules by mouth, lotions, injections into the muscle or pellets). Pellet therapy is rapidly becoming a very popular option for our clients and with good reason!

Here’s Why: The sterile pellets are about the size of a Tic Tac mint, deposited into the fat tissue in the hip and made out of bio-identical hormones that completely dissolve. The procedure is a quick office visit that only takes about 15 minutes. The best part about it is the pellet only needs to be inserted every three months. This means that you do not have to worry about taking a pill at the exact time every single day or even dealing with weekly injections, you just come in every three months for a quick implant and you are good to go.

What Kind of Pellets Can I Get?

The most common pellet is the testosterone pellet. Fat tissue contains an enzyme that will convert some of the testosterone into estradiol (estrogen). In our follow up testing, if a woman is not making enough estradiol, then we can add an estradiol pellet the next time, but most women have enough fat tissue to make that conversion on their own. Men need estrogen also, but not too much (Obviously!) In the testosterone pellets for men, we add anastrozole to block that enzyme, but we still follow it to make sure we get enough male estrogen production.

What Can I Expect?

 The biggest benefit to pellets and why our clients like them so much is convenience. We all live busy lives. Adding one more step into our routine, whether that is a daily lotion or a weekly injection, can be too much of a headache. The pellets last for three months, so that’s three months without hassle. Another benefit is stable hormone levels.

It turns out there is an increase in hormone level from the pellet with an increase in body temperature or activity, like exercise, but for the most part, it’s a nice, consistent output. Pellets also make it impossible to transfer hormone to other people through touch or hugging, in contrast to lotion therapy. Pellet therapy just makes life easier for our clients!

Is This New?

Although pellet therapy seems like a new approach, the concept has been around since at least the 1800’s. Historically, people drank the urine from pregnant women or even implanted sheep or goat testicle into their abdominal fat trying to achieve hormone balance and vitality. YES! You read that correctly. But luckily for you, that is not necessary. Pellets themselves started in 1939 and there was an FDA approved testosterone pellet in 1972. So, pellets have been around for a long time!

What Are My Risks?

There are minimal risks or side effects from pellets. Our goalposts are the typical hormone levels of a 25-30-year-old. They don’t have “side effects” from their naturally “high” levels of hormones. Most everyone felt great at 25-30 years old while having a lower rate of health problems!

The side effects from pellets can include bleeding (especially if on a blood thinner), oily skin, acne, scarring, infection, smaller testicles and scraggly female facial hair. Women over the age of 40 get the scraggly, occasional facial hair anyhow. Women can get some lowering of the voice. The clitoris can become slightly enlarged, which means it’s more sensitive and easier to orgasm. Now don’t be scared of that one ladies. You aren’t receiving enough testosterone to make the clitoris look crazy and deformed! We have not had any patient complain about this!

And the best part? You get the same “side effects” of what 25-30 year olds are getting from their hormones

  • More energy
  • More muscle-mass
  • Less fat mass
  • Better sleep
  • More enjoyment of life
  • Increased Libido

It’s a No-Brainer! Make your future self-happy and call (480-418-3678) our office today to schedule or learn more about the wonders of Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy!

Before taking hormones, I was tired all the time. I’ve been complaining to my doctor for 5 years and it kept getting worse. I heard about hormones and was tested. My levels were, of course, low. I started on bio-identical hormone replacement. A day or two later, I could tell a difference. Within a week, I could tell a lot of difference. I’m beginning to feel like my old self. I’m very impressed with Dr. Harrison. She was very interested in my complaints and tried to help me get to the root of my problems. She really listened to me and didn’t try to pass off my complaints as just aging.

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