5 Things in My Gym Bag!

Hey there! This is Heather writing to you regarding the 5 things in my gym bag that I can’t do without! In case you haven’t put a name to a face yet, this is me …

Did you catch our Facebook Live video earlier today? It was in the wee early hours of the day as I was getting ready to head to the gym. It was short and sweet but I talked about some things that help me eliminate wasted time in the mornings so I can get out the door and off to the gym as quickly as possible. I wanted to review some things quickly. I also promised a list of what is in my gym bag, which I’ll get to shortly.

Do you have a routine you follow in the mornings? I enjoy having a morning routine and think it is important for people to establish what works for them when it comes to their own exercise time. For instance, I was obviously running late this morning, and my preparation is what helped keep my “running late” from advancing to “I don’t have time to do x, y, z anymore…” This is real life, some days you’re going to run late and other days you’ll hit the ground running, either way, a routine makes things go more smoothly.

I started this routine over 2 years ago when I was training and prepping for my first body building competition. That would make for an interesting post another day. I had to figure out how to create more time in the mornings to accommodate the adult tantrums I would throw because I wanted to crawl back into bed instead of going to the gym. These simple steps create a lot more time than you’d think each morning, helps you overcome excuses why you can’t make it to the gym, and really, it makes it easy to just go through the motions until you’re fully awake!

Night Before:

Set aside what you’ll be wearing to workout in … including knowing where your shoes are!

Fill up your water bottles and put them in the refrigerator if you prefer cold water to room temperature.

Make sure your headset is charged.

Pack your gym bag with anything you’ll need for your workouts.

Set your alarm clock … should be a no-brainer, but it happens. I have to set two just-in-case.

Side note, I prefer working out in the mornings because most people are asleep – meaning nobody is placing demands on my time and the gym is also a lot less busy. If you prefer afternoon/evening workouts, just make sure you establish a routine that will support that as well. To see the live Facebook video, click here and don’t forget to like our page for great information, recipes and more.

But back to the real reason for this post: WHAT IS IN MY GYM BAG?!

I will not leave the house without any of these 5 things when heading to the gym.

Gym Bag (Click here):

With the start of the new year, my adorable and ridiculously old Nike gym bag needed to be retired. We had a good run, but it was time to get a new one. I did an Amazon search, tapped into my frugal side, and found this awesome bag! It can also be a work tote, in case you’re in the market for one of those as it fits a 13” laptop. This conveniently holds everything listed below, plus the book I am reading at the moment, both water bottles and my towel.

2. Jaybird Wireless Headset (Click here):

If you haven’t made the switch to wireless headsets, I’d love to know why! I started using wireless headsets in December 2014 and have never looked back. I started with Jaybird’s and only recently did I replace them – as in they actually last! The only reason I got a new pair is because my puppy found them to be an excellent chew toy. The only other pair I would consider would be the Air Pods, which are slightly more expensive, but I have been told their Bluetooth range is phenomenal. The Jaybirds come in different models ranging from about $85 – $130ish. Only caveat to wireless headsets is the need to make sure they are charged. I will be the first to admit that I will not workout without music, so if they are dead, I am done or having to finish my workout later.

Jump Rope (Click Here):

I have a love:hate relationship with plyometric work. First, quick explanation of plyometrics – it is essentially any jumping activity. These activities increase muscular power. During my leg days and days I do any boxing or kickboxing, I will typically warm-up using a jump rope. I really like this one because it is adjustable and comes in a convenient carrying case to keep it from getting tangled up with my other equipment.

Large Resistance Band (Click Here):

I love carrying this piece of equipment with me. It is such a versatile piece of equipment! You can get it in different resistances as you see fit. I use this for assisted pull-ups to increase my repetition count, doing deadlifts, sprints with either a partner or tying it around a pull to anchor it, lunges with it anchored to a pole, etc.

Small Resistance Band (Click Here):

Resistance bands in general are awesome because of how versatile they are! These can be used for lateral or monster walks, used as a tactile cue for different exercises such as leg press, you can use them as a shoulder warmup or burn out, and so much more! I usually have 1-2 of these in my bag at all times.

So what’s in your bag? Thinking of adding any of these to yours?

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