10 Ideas to Start on America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day was started by the National Recycling Coalation in 1997, and is now part of Keep America Beautiful. Each year, it seems like America Recycles Day gets more support, through social media and local events. Harmony Enterprises has pledged to recycle more and In honor of America Recycles Day coming up, we compiled some simple ways that you can recycle more!

Set New Green Goals on America Recycles Day
Even though America Recycles Day is just a day, think of it as a day to start new recycling goals for the upcoming year. Here are 10 ideas for you to consider for America Recycles Day.

Find out if carton recycling is available in your area. If it’s not, talk to your local recycling center about recycling cartons. The Carton Council has some great resources.
Stop throwing away clothing and household textiles. Find a local clothing recycler or contact Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART) to find out where to donate.
Encourage your kids to recycle at school. If recycling is not widely available at your school, talk to the principal, superintendent, or PTO about it.
Avoid plastic bags by bringing your own bag, or simply declining the bag when you can. When you have excess plastic bags, dry cleaner bags, or newspaper bags, bring them to your local retailer to recycle.
Take the “I recycle” pledge, and invite your friends to do the same. Businesses can also pledge to recycle more.
Talk to your kids about recycling. Beyond the typical paper, plastic, and aluminum, how can they recycle their clothes, toys, or electronics? How can they use recycled items into art projects or gifts?
Find or host a recycling event in your area and take part! There are thousands of America Recycles Day events being held around the country.
Get familiar with what you CAN and CAN’T recycle. Here is a great refrigerator list, and a few more items you probably forgot. Recyclable items can also vary by where you live, so check with your local recycling center too.
Get inspired! Go to the America Recycles Day website to find out what other communities and companies are doing. You may also be inspired by Sweden’s 99% recycling rate or what recycling centers like Winneshiek County are doing.
Buy recycled when you can! When you purchase items that are made from recycled materials, you help eliminate the need for virgin materials. Buying art made of recycled materials can be even more meaningful.

America Recycles Day Toolkit
Check out all the awesome resources for workplaces, schools, and communities that will help bring awareness to recycling and help increase recycling! Here is the America Recycles Day Toolkit with go-to guides, templates and downloads, and featured activities.

10 Ideas to Start on America Recycles Day

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